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Flu Vaccinations

Flu Vaccinations

The Rules for horse vaccinations have recently changed due to an outbreak of Equine Influenza.  Please ensure that you check with the Venue and BRC rules before travelling to ensure that your horse is up to date with its vaccinations for competitions.  The current BRC rules as of January 2020 are

“2020 BRC Rule Change: From 1 January 2020, it will be strongly advised when competing at BRC events to have a flu vaccination within 6months and 21days of the competition. From 1 March 2020, this will then become mandatory.

IMPORTANT: This does not mean vaccinations need to be done every 6 months; it means that the vaccination needs to be within 6 months and 21 days of the competition. For example, if your competition was the 22 September, you would need to have a vaccination after the 1 March (1 March – 1 September = 6months + 21 days = 22 September). This rule applies to Qualifiers and Championships only.

West Yorkshire Horseplay will be adhering to these rules at all of the upcoming Clinics, Events and competitions.