West Yorkshire Horseplay

Pony Points

Many of our own and Area events wouldn’t happen without a band of volunteers who give up their time to help.

As a gesture of thanks and to recognise those helpers we’ve set up a new “Pony Points” Scheme.

Each time a member provides their help for either a WYHP event or Area event (whether for a few hours, half a day or a full day) they will receive 10 Pony Points.

That member can then redeem their points against any club event or competition. The committee will keep a log of when you’ve helped and a tally of your Pony Points.

1 Pony Point is the equivalent to £1 and can be be redeemed against any club event or competition. For example 10 Pony points can be redeemed against a £10 entry for a WYHP competition…meaning free entry!

Just another great reason to by a WYHP member.