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Meet the Committee

Chair Person

Jane Schindler

Jane has been our chairperson since 2015 and a member of the club since 2003.

“I have been riding since I was 3 years old. My jobs on the committee are mainly organising lessons including at our annual Hamley Hagg camp as well as trying to keep the rest of the committee in order !!

My great love is eventing so covers every discipline but i also love to hack and care for my 3 horses“



Sarah Thomas

“I’ve been a member of Horseplay for more years than I care to remember and most of those spent on the committee.

​I’ve had horses and ponies in all shapes, sizes, abilities and colours and loved them all.

​Tried my hand at most equestrian disciplines and now concentrate mainly on dressage.

​We have four horses at present, two of which are homebred.@


Volunteers and Area Comps Entries

Tracy Dearnley

“I enjoy competing at grassroots Eventing 80/90cm.

I organise all the WYHP entries for the riding club competitions in show jumping, horse trials, combined training, combined challenge and arena Eventing.

I also co-ordinate providing volunteers for area competitions from our club, all riding club competitions are run with volunteers, so they are very important to enable us all to compete“

Judith Walker

“I’m a 50+ years horse owner.

I’ve done a bit of everything over the years – show jumping, hunter trials, cross country, but the last 15 years I’ve mainly concentrated on ridden showing mixing it with unaffiliated dressage.

Now I’m quite happy taking a step back to a quieter life of RC activities (camp, pleasure rides etc) as well as the occasional competition. 

My horse of a life time and partner of 13 years – Ruby“

Mary Longbottom.jpeg
Mary Longbottom


Mary has been the treasure of WYHP since the beginning.

"I have been around horses for the past 70 years plus, I've done a bit of everything but over the last 30 years I've loved driving"

Rachel Liles.jpeg


Rachel Liles

Dressage Lesson Coordinator

Sarah-Louise Noble
‘Taco is my second pony, he is a pony of a lifetime and I am enjoying our journey.  I have only been riding for 5 years and just started doing Concours!!  This club has been amazing to meet some wonderful people and have had some fun at camps.  Please get involved… you will love it’
Karen Pearson.jpeg

Social Secretary

Karen Pearson

Membership and Communications

Teresa Askew
’I started riding aged 4 and have loved horses ever since.  I had a 22 year gap without horses in my life coming back to riding in 2019.

My friend and I found WYHP while looking for an adult riding group to join.  We’re so pleased we found the club, it’s enabled me to fulfil a life time dream of riding my own horse on the beach’
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