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     Please don't feed horses   

Your kindness could kill

There's nothing better than getting out in the countryside for a walk. Many people take carrots and other food to feed horses.

Although this is a great way to introduce children to the wonderful things in our countryside, you should never feed other people's horses, below are a number of reasons why .

  • A lot of horses are on special diets, imagine if everybody that walked past gave a horse something to eat that's a lot of carrots and sweets and to a diabetic horse that could be fatal. There is a lot of sugar in carrots, some horses have issues with a foot problem called Laminitis, sugar in the diet can make this worse resulting in the horse having to be put to sleep. 

  • Horses have a one way digestive tract and are unable to vomit and as such the risk of choking is high which may result in death

  • A lot of human food is poisonous to horses

  • They could also mistake fingers for food and nip, and more importantly they think everyone has food so try to nip others who just want to stroke them

  • Where there is more than one pony/horse in a field feeding them can cause fighting and injury to each other 

Below are links to articles where being fed by people has caused the death of beloved horses

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